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Florida Insurance License Online

Florida Insurance License Online is your premier authority and educator of designation, pre-licensing, continuing education, and "pass prep" training. We offer a variety of convenient class and course delivery options and support you along the way. Our effective and easy-to-understand courses are available for Registered Customer Service Reps (also in Spanish), Claims Adjusters, Property & Casualty, Health, and Life Insurance. Plus, we have several money-saving combined online classes to get everything you need for one affordable rate. Our mission is to make becoming an insurance agent easy, affordable and convenient.

We are your web based portal for providing convenient, timely, and state-certified programs and courses.


We address your certification needs beyond simply completing a state required course. We facilitate support from beginning to end with licensed concierge-level customer service.


Offering State Certified courses that provide a high level of quality. Our commitment includes providing the best of both course content and instructional delivery to set you up for success in becoming an agent.


Our online courses can be taken 24/7/365! Our students can start and stop course materials at their own pace. Our designation courses waive the state exam for Customer Representatives and Claim Adjusters.

Our Course Selections

FREE Study Materials provided with each course!

Adult-Learner Focused Online Classes

  • Unlimited Enrollment

    Unlimited enrollment for all courses and in our Exam Prep Center - never have to worry about running out of time or paying for course extensions.

  • Smart Notes

    Pass your state exam the first time with our Exam Cram Notes - Smart Notes. Smart Notes are included in our Gold Packages.

  • Multiple Devices

    All our courses are online. With an internet connection you can access your course anywhere and at anytime on all desktops, laptops, tablets and start phones.

  • Exam Prep Flashcards

    Flashcards help you learn by testing yourself with our huge database of questions; can be studied by topic; can be printed out; are mobile-friendly - study on the go wherever and whenever you can.

  • Comprehensive Content

    All Florida Insurance License Online courses not only have all the content required for each exam but, just as importantly, have been designed for the adult learner.

  • Free Exam Simulators

    The exam simulator mirrors the State Exam by topic percentages; pulls questions randomly from a huge database of questions; provides diagnostic feedback with your results; and provides individual question feedback.

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