Begin the process of obtaining your Florida Insurance License

Steps for Obtaining a Florida Insurance License

Florida Insurance License Online

Step 1: Register for a State Approved Pre-Licensing Course

A pre-licensing insurance course, certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS), must be completed before a License Exam can be taken. The pre-licensing course and required course credit hours varies based on the specific license.

Florida Insurance License Online offers the following certified pre-licensing insurance courses:

Step 2: Complete a Florida Insurance License Application

The Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS) Application is an easily understood online form and is very simple to complete.

Step 3: Schedule Fingerprinting Fingerprints

Fingerprints are required by the Florida Department of Financial Services (FDFS) to ensure that applicants do not have a disqualifying criminal or social services background that would prevent them from being a licensed insurance agent.

Step 4: Schedule a State Exam

Schedule to take your state exam after completing your pre-licensing course. Click on the link below to schedule your exam with Pearson Vue, the state approved proctor for insurance examinations.

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